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What is presbyopia?


eye problem presbyopiaWith presbyopia, the lens of the eye loses its elasticity as part of the normal aging process and it becomes to see at a reading distance. Presbyopia may seem to occur suddenly, but the actual loss of flexibility takes place over a number of years. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable in the early to mid-forties, and it may worsen over time.

The inside of the eye is normally quite flexible. The lens changes shape to accommodate sight both close up and far away. As the lens loses elasticity, it also loses the ability to change focus for different distances. The loss is gradual. Long before it has become difficult to see close up, the lenses have started to lose their ability to change shape.


What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

The primary symptom of presbyopia is difficulty in reading. Reading small print or reading in dim light may aggravate the condition.
How is presbyopia treated?

There are three choices to consider in deciding how to correct your vision with presbyopia: glasses, contact lenses or surgery. One choice is no better than another. The decision is personal and depends on primarily on lifestyle.


  • Single vision lenses – provide the same focal power throughout the entire lens
  • Bifocals – glasses with two parts: upper part for distance and lower for reading
  • Multifocals – Lenses with three or more segments for viewing objects at different distances. Progressives are multifocals with no “lines” between the different segments


  • Single vision – One correction for entire lens
  • Bifocals – A portion of the lens is corrected for reading.
  • Mono-vision – One eye is corrected for reading, and the other for distance.


LTK Laser Vision Correction is available to improve vision for reading. The actual procedure takes only three seconds and is done right in the doctor?s office.

Do You Have Presbyopia?

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