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Kate Villarreal

"I had LASIK surgery in early March 2008. While the effects of my surgery are still quite new, I am happy with the results! This procedure was in celebration of my 40th birthday! I can't think of a more useful present! The staff and especially Dr. Singh and Lisa were most understanding and comforting during the pre-op, surgery, and post-op visits. I feel that I was treated with both care and respect. No question went unanswered and the entire procedure was explained quite well. My actual surgery lasted no more than 10 minutes. I was well prepared for surgery because of the care and information I received at my pre-op visits."

"I would recommend Dr. Singh and his staff to anyone seeking a doctor to care for his/her eyes. Thank you so much, Dr. Singh, I cannot believe how well I can see now!"


Brian Paramski

"Dr. Singh and staff @ the Eye Center were very well organized and helpful with any concerns that I had. They made me feel very comfortable though my entire surgery. If I would have known it was this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. It's such a treat to be able to see as clearly as I do without the hassle of wearing glasses!"

"I highly recommend Dr. Singh and staff!"


Jeremy Delgado

"Thank you all of the staff at The Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha! Having my vision permanently corrected with the "lasik" procedure has been one of the best things I've ever done! From waking up in the morning and being able to see the clock, to driving, working on the computer, even playing sports! Being able to see clearly without wearing glasses or contacts is truly amazing!"


Julie Liebke

"I talked it over with Dr. Pruett at my examinations. He said he would let me know when I would be a candidate. Your eyes have to stay stable for one year before LASIK surgery. Finally, Dr. Pruett said now is the time. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Singh. My mother-in-law had cataract and lens implant surgeries performed by Dr. Singh. I had heard wonderful things about him. I went home and talked to my family, and they encouraged me to do it. I felt like this was a chance of a lifetime and I didn't want to miss it."

"I had several appointments with Dr. Singh before the surgery. He carefully explained the procedure to me, gave me information to take home. I really felt prepared. The only thing I was nervous about was wearing my glasses for one month before the surgery. I did not like to wear my glasses in public. They were so big and ugly. I scheduled the surgery for the summer and, since I am a teacher, I wouldn't have to wear my glasses too much in public. That was the hardest part."

"As I was sitting outside in the waiting room before the procedure, a gentleman came out of the room after having the LASIK surgery, and he said to me, 'This is remarkable.' I was so excited. During the procedure there was absolutely no pain. Twenty minutes later, I could read the eye chart across the room without my glasses. It was amazing. I didn't expect miracles that day but I feel that is what I got."

"During my recovery I experienced no pain at all. I was religious about following Dr. Singh's instructions with the eye drops, and I wore plastic shields at night to keep from rubbing my eyes. I had no problems. Dr. Singh explained the halo effect, and I did experience it for the first few months. But my eyes have adjusted and it doesn't happen now."

"Not a day goes by that I don't think to myself, I can see that license plate or I can read this report clearly. I was always afraid I would lose my glasses or a contact. I feel more confident now. Sometimes I still find myself reaching for my glasses, I wore them for so long that it is a habit."

"Dr. Singh is a gifted doctor and I feel so lucky that I was able to have this surgery and that he shared his gift with me. Dr. Singh and Dr. Pruett make a wonderful team. They never promised me perfect vision; I honestly just wanted to reduce the weight of my glasses. But I got perfect vision."

"I always tell people, before the surgery my vision was like two pieces of wax paper in front of my eyes, and now I have 20/20 vision. There are so many fly by nights out there that say they can do the procedure during your lunch break. You need to go to a reputable doctor. Dr. Singh cares about people! And thanks to him and the LASIK procedure, I feel like I've got it all."



Audrey Shields

"About five years ago, I was having difficulty reading. I do a lot of handwork and reading and want to be able to see right. I could see much better out of one eye. Anything I tried to read close up in the other eye was a problem, and it was hard to see the print on the TV. Seeing things at a distance didn't bother me at all. At night, though, I would see stars around headlights or any lights. The Christmas lights had stars around them, too."

"I had been seeing Dr. Singh on a regular basis for years. When I was younger, I saw him every two years, then every year. After the cataract started developing, I saw him every six months or so. He wanted to keep a check on my eye. One day he said, 'It's ready to be removed.' I told him, 'Let's have it done.' My vision had been getting worse very gradually."

"How was the surgery? There was nothing to it. I remember Dr. Singh came in and it was over. There was no pain, nothing. I wore a patch until the next day. Then, I put drops in my eye and at night I had to put in salve. The salve was tricky. Sometimes I'd put in too much, sometimes not enough. I also wore a patch at night. After about two months, I got new glasses. I see a lot better. I read a lot better."

"I have had no problems. I understand that sometimes a film can develop over the eye. And if the film develops, they can just remove it. It's described like cleaning a windshield."

"Dr. Singh is keeping a check on the other eye. I won't hesitate to have the other one done when it's time. Dr. Singh is a very kind man.


Mildred Wozniak

"The first thing I noticed was that the flame on my stove was yellow instead of being blue. Then I started realizing that I was having some problems seeing, and I thought it might be a good idea to go see a doctor. Someone I know recommended that I go see Dr. Singh. So, I went in for an eye exam and told him what the problem was. He said I had a cataract and told me that I should probably have surgery to fix it."
"I'm the type of person who decides to do something and then just goes ahead and does it. Well, I wanted to be able to see better, so I decided to get the surgery. I scheduled a day with Dr. Singh for him to do the surgery."
What do you remember about the surgery? "Well, I went in and laid down. They put some shots around my eye and then it was over. It really didn't seem like it took any time at all. Having the shots in my eye was the only part that might have hurt. But it really didn't. It just sort of pricked for a second. After the surgery I had to wear a patch over my eye when I went out or went to bed. Later on, I had the other eye done, and I saw a lot better."
"All I know is that I can see now! I am definitely glad I had the surgery. It is nice to see a blue flame on my stove again."


Mike Staeck

"It was about 7 or 8 years ago that Dr. Pruett suggested I might be a good candidate for RK surgery. I liked the idea and began to have my eyes tested to see if I could, in fact, have RK. I was disappointed to learn that I had the beginning of cataracts in both eyes and could not have the RK surgery. I continued to wear contact lenses and glasses, on occasion, and my eyes continued to bother me.
"My vision became less and less clear. I tried to convince Dr. Singh that I should have surgery to remove the cataracts on a couple of routine check-ups, but he insisted that the time was not right.
"I began having trouble seeing well enough at night to drive. The glare of oncoming cars was just too much. My contacts were set up for monovision, I was having difficulty reading at times, too. I had to have bright lights to see properly, and a magnifying glass to read some things. At the young age of 53, I felt like a full blown senior citizen. I didn't like it at all. It is amazing to me what a person learns to live with."
"On March 5, 2002 I had an eye exam with Dr. Pruett. He thought that I should have Dr. Singh look at my cataracts. After he examined my eyes, Dr. Singh finally agreed that the time was right, and I was scheduled for surgery on my left eye on May 16, 2002."
"I was very impressed with everyone involved with the preliminary tests, the hospital pre-op, the surgery room and post-op. I felt at ease the entire time because of their professionalism. I actually looked forward to my second surgery, knowing I once again would have nothing to fear."
"There is no way I can describe the joy I still feel every morning when I wake up to perfect vision. After much thought, I finally got up the nerve to throw all my contact lens 'junk' away. If I sound overly pleased, it's because I am. Thank you to everyone."



"I'm still amazed at the results from the Crystalens implants. I sometimes find myself taking off glasses (that aren't there) that I wore for some 25 years. It's a wonderful change. From my first visit to your offices in Racine and Kenosha, your Staff has been outstanding and treated me with great care and consideration. As far as the surgery and follow up. I had no discomfort or pain in anyway. I also have had no vision problems no matter what the situation and night vision is perfect! Thank you."





Marlene Schulz

"I just want you to know how happy I am with the success of the bleph surgery I have had. I knew for a long time that I wanted to have something done, but thought it would be cosmetic and not covered by insurance and therefore, not affordable by me. When I realized I was having difficulty with reading I also learned that it would not be considered "cosmetic" and I opted to have it done as soon as possible, but still was not truly aware of how badly I needed that surgery.

Recently the surgery was performed and I was given a picture of how much the lids lapped over the eye prior to the surgery. Today I had my follow-up visit and found that "before" picture. Oh MY! What a difference! I now see so many people who probably would also see better if they had the surgery done. I've had several people ask me about it and even more that have commented on the results.
The most frequently asked questions are:
Q. How long did it take? A. About an hour.
Q. Did it hurt much? A. Not at all; not during, and not after
Q. Was there a lot of discoloration? A. I certainly did not think so. Some swelling, though.
Q. Aside from looking better, do you also see better? A. Yes, I no longer have a "shadow" over the words on the printed pages.
Q. Do you like the results? A. ABSOLUTELY!

Thank you, Dr. Singh."


Email From a Satisfied Blepharoplasty Patient:

Dr. Singh, Both my under eye lids made me look and feel so old. I didn't want any one to see me. In Feb.of 2008 you did blephroplasty surgery.  I only told one person, the one that took me in and brought me home after the surgery. I hid from people the best I could for 2 weeks. When people did see me they would look at me very curiously but didn't say anything. Then you took the stitches out. I was amazed. My friends didn't know about the surgery, but they were wondering why they haven't heard from me. But after about a month they were saying, I can't believe how you just get younger looking every time I see you. Now about 10 months later, after the surgery, I still look and feel so much younger than my age.  I am so pleased with what you did, I am writing this letter so you can share it with other patients.  I still haven't told anyone, so I won't be putting my name on this letter. I don't recommend other people not telling anyone that is just how I did it. Thanks again.

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