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What is Benign Tumors Of The Lids?

Tumors of the Eye LidsThe lid is a common site for the development of BENIGN tumors of the skin. Most can be readily identified under the microscope in the office and present no difficulty in diagnosis. Others may mimic malignant tumors and warrant biopsy or excision to be certain of their true nature. A listing of the most common benign tumors follows, with a brief description of each:

Nevus (Nevi, plural)

These are commonly referred to as a mole. Often on the lids they are NOT pigmented as they are elsewhere on the body. Nevi are sometimes confused with malignant tumors and require biopsy, but a nevus has a very low potential for developing into skin cancer.


These cauliflower-like lumps are caused by a virus and are especially common in adolescence and young adulthood. Papillomas are easily recognizable and require treatment only if bothersome to the patient. They do not become malignant.

Molluscum Contagiosum

This is also a virus-induced tumor with NO malignant potential. It has a central core of matter that can often be squeezed out. Frequently conjunctivitis and red eye syndrome accompanies molluscum as a reaction to the presence of the virus. Freezing may be helpful therapy.

Skin Tags

These are small stalks of normal skin that appear as a part of the aging process. Removal for cosmetic reasons is appropriate. Skin tags pose no medical threats in the form of cancer or degeneration into something more dangerous.


These are yellowish, discolored areas composed of fat and cholesterol that are typically found on the inner aspect of the lids. They are usually symmetrical and begin in the upper lids. About one third of patients with xanthalasma have high blood levels of cholesterol. Xanthalasma recur frequently after removal, and treatment is for cosmetic reasons only. If removed, care must be taken not to remove too much skin as a deformity may result that pulls the lid away from the eyeball. Sometimes skin grafting is required if the tumors are large.

Subepithelial Inclusion Cysts

These are small round lumps filled with cheese-like material just under the surface of the skin. In reality, they are the result of a blocked skin gland and may become inflamed. Occasionally they occur after lid surgery along the line where stitches were placed. If bothersome or cosmetically unacceptable, they are easily removed in the office.

Do You Have Benign Tumors?

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